Please read my TOS before commissioning me! thanks! :)

TOS for Commissioning:

  • I accept Paypal, Cashapp and Venmo (I only start after getting paid)

  • I am NOT obligated to draw for you and can turn you down for any reason

  • Please credit me when using my art for anything

  • All prices are per character

  • I may charge more than what's listed depending on complexity

  • I'm really flexible when it comes to drawing, I can draw anything you want

  • I can draw suggestive art but I will NOT draw NSFW or fetishes (you MUST be 18+ for this)

  • If you're unsure of what I can and can't draw, please don't be afraid to ask me! :)

  • PLEASE do not constantly message me asking about updates, you can check my art queue to see progress updates! If you are at the top of the list and haven't received any updates, then it would be okay to message me ^^


All of these come with lineart and color. Sketches are $2 off the original price.

  • $12 headshot

  • $14 bust

  • $20 halfbody

  • $26 fullbody

  • +$4-8 simple shading

  • +$8-12 leveled shading

  • +$12-16 blended shading

  • +$16-$26 background

  • price depends on complexity

  • simple backgrounds are free

  • $10 shaded MSP sketch

  • $20 fullbody chibi

  • please specify whether you want pixel or marker brush

  • all chibis are flatcolor


All of these come with color.
Shading is not an option.

  • $24 front view sketchy ref

  • $34 front and back view ^

  • $30 front view clean ref

  • $40 front and back view ^

  • +$16 for additional outfit chibis

  • (maximum of 2 per CLEAN ref)

  • $26-$40 custom designs


All of these come with color,
except for the sketch pages.
Screenshot drawovers are shaded.

  • PWYW doodles ($5 min)

  • $20-$30 sketch page

  • +$8-$16 for coloring

  • $10-$20 screenshot drawover

  • $24 outfit ref (2 outfits)

  • +$6 for each additional outfit

  • $10-$40 furvilla base edit